The Scan app updates product location information in real time. Each time your product is detected by a scan-ready device, this information is stored and displayed within the Track app.

With the Scan app on your smartphone, you can securely connect via Bluetooth® to a handheld reader. This reader then detects any nearby devices once you commence the scan. Each enabled device sends its unique IDs and location to your phone. You can also find sublocations based on account records in Salesforce and see these on a map using the Track app.

Scan app benefits:

  • Using the Scan app enables teams to provide real-time location information on any product, anywhere.
  • Team members can scan thousands of items in minutes to provide a fast and efficient inventory history that can be connected to analytics and reporting tools.
  • Warehouses can automate the application of tags for all product ranges – allowing real time inventory traceability and faster counting of large stock volumes.
  • The whole process is secure and encrypted to protect your privacy and your scanned devices.

Featured Case Studies

How our customers have successfully utilised Pentalym

Putting lifesaving dots on the map

Saving lives by tracking the vital location of defibrillators across Thredbo Mountain, Village and Jindabyne Town....

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“We are pleased with the results that we are achieving so far, and looking to rapidly expand the footprint.” – Ashley Jones, Medtronic...

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Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

"It is vendor agnostic, customer and patient focused. A hospital will have the ability to manage their own inventory and consigned inventory from any vendor with shared resources and infrastructure." Allison Fox, Head of Commercial Operations, Australia & New Zealand...

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