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Pentalym preference cards

Pentalym workflow efficiency tools

Understand the total cost of every job

It’s a digital system that tracks what inventory and resources are used within theatres and allocates the usage of consumables and prosthetics to specific patient surgical cases.
The solution creates transparency across multiple hospital sites for all departments including surgical staff.

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Pentalym workflow efficiency tools

Better control of preference cards

Control of preference cards for editing and substitution is easily managed for improved cost management. For patient recordkeeping obligations, which can be tedious or inefficient, the ability to do rigorous, data-rich cost reporting for the surgical care is built within the reporting module.

Pentalym workflow efficiency tools

Looking for process improvement and innovation?

Our solution is inexpensive, scalable and backed by secure cloud based software, available anytime anywhere.
Through our sustainable automated solutions, we are helping customers reduce their carbon footprint by automating previously manual processes.


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Efficiency gains – Pentalym

Efficiency gains

More accurate costings

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Pentalym workflow efficiency tools

Enhanced card optimization

Designed for hospitals

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Pentalym workflow efficiency tools

Easy to get started

Integrate with your existing systems and processes, in a live environment.

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Consolidate and standardise your preference cards for streamlined picking and ordering, saving you money.

Reduce time spent removing products from individual preference cards using our global substitution function.

Easily re-access preference cards via QR code for any adjustments or changes.

Gain staff efficiency with picking products through mobile view or printed pick sheets.

Increase record accuracy by eliminating hand written notes.

Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems?

Integrate with our system agnostic app-based solution, 100% native to Salesforce and SAP Authorise from anywhere.

Pentalym’s App works seamlessly with your existing:

  • Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
  • Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system
Pentalym workflow efficiency tools
Pentalym workflow efficiency tools
Record costs?

Instantly record cost per unit and total cost. And allocate to a project or task.

Pentalym workflow efficiency tools
Pentalym workflow efficiency tools