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Efficiency gains – Pentalym

Efficiency gains

Timely and accurate reordering, replenishment and invoicing.

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Trusted Technology – Pentalym

Trusted Technology

Data is stored safely and securely, within the country of origin cloud infrastructure.

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Easy to get started – Pentalym

Easy to get started

Integrate with your existing systems and processes, in a live environment.

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A better way to manage inventory: it's here now

A collaborative Pentalym pilot produced some seriously healthy inventory outcomes for hospitals.

*Medtronic, Pentalym’s pilot partner, confirmed these results, post the pilot being completed at three private hospitals in The Illawarra Region, NSW, in May 2021. Results may vary.

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Experience real time inventory visibility

Pentalym software is system agnostic.

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Scan the Patient Admission Number

With smartTags gain control of your supply chain

Create a digital record of all your products or inventory.

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Scan the barcode on the medical device

With Pentalym, have control over every aspect of your supply chain

You will know where products are located with a globally unique identifier that is accessible to anyone, on demand. Pentalym’s early days originated at CSIRO and was used for locating millions of parts for Astronomy projects, so you’ll have peace of mind that scalability is not a concern. Our cloud based capabilities offer a very cost effective solution for many industries from healthcare, to logistics, manufacturing, retail and more.

If you believe in saving time and saving money, lead to inspire others with Pentalym.

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End of case. Charge sheet report generated

Pentalym benefits

Can Pentalym help me to...

Old way

Pentalym way

Eliminate paper records?

Replace digital records with digital patient charge sheets

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Record costs?

Instantly record cost per unit and total cost

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Collect data?

Collect data in real time, using your preferred data categories, with the ability to cross-check data by product metrics and more, for instant analysis

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Control inventory?

Instantly see what’s available - and where - for an efficient workflow across the entire system, that positively impacts customer outcomes

Track stock levels in real time, to optimise your storage footprint and delivery timeframes

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Access comprehensive information?

Access Pentalym’s database of 1.5m device records, including all avail - able manufacturing data

expiration dates
and more

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Seamlessly integrate with your existing systems?

Pentalym’s Charge App works seamlessly with your existing:
Electronic Medical Record (EMR)
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system

Eliminate paper records – Pentalym
Eliminate paper records – Pentalym

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Saving lives by tracking the vital location of defibrillators across Thredbo Mountain, Village and Jindabyne Town....

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“We are please with the results that we are achieving so far, and looking to rapidly expand the footprint.” Ashley Jones, Medtronic....

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Boston Scientific

Boston Scientific

"It is vendor agnostic, customer and patient focused. A hospital will have the ability to manage their own inventory and consigned inventory from any vendor with shared resources and infrastructure." Allison Fox, Head of Commercial Operations, Australia & New Zealand...

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