What problem does Pentalym solve?

Pentalym allows you to create a mirror of the real world functionality of any physical object (uniforms, workwear and apparel, laundry, linen ) inexpensively and in scale. Allocating a unique identifier (smartCode) for every physical item, provides a platform that captures all the relevant information on that individual item during its useful life. This information is live, stored in a secure cloud environment that can be easily accessed (smartphone) by relevant people at any point in time to maximize efficiencies and efficacy through all aspects of the supply chain.

What tangible benefits does Pentalym deliver?

  • Creating a digital replica of any physical item which enables fabrics, linens, uniforms, workwear, medical apparel pieces to be virtually created first to minimize waste in the supply chain.

  • Enables automated systems to track large numbers of individual items faster and more accurately (reduce management labor costs)

  • Provides users with live data to have full visibility around the supply chain. Creates real time visibility over your linen inventory at customers sites, enabling users to identify weaknesses and areas for improvement in the supply chain.

  • Provides traceability and transparency around all aspects of supply chain resulting in:

    • Capability to do a product Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) to monitor linen usage and lifecycle durability

    • Reducing environmental impact

    • Removing waste and inefficient processes (Increase linen rotations to reduce overall inventory)

    • Hold’s vendors accountable (adherence to standards), control the quality of your suppliers.

  • Creates an audit record for individual physical items, enabling automated demand forecasting and supply chain optimization. Ensure you have sufficient stock to meet your daily demands.

  • Monitor the quality of your uniforms & clothing and keep your customers happy.

Example – Product registration

Customer places an order, Inventory tagged with a unique identifier (Item tagged at source either during production/ packaging process or on inventory receipt eliminating need for re-work) initiating live data tracking.

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Warehouse use case – smartCodes for Clothing and apparel

Example – Management of uniforms for Hotels and Hospitals

Inventory palletised/packaged and moved to dispatch location, tag verifies inventory matches the customer order and whether or not product is been stored in the right location for dispatch (Improves product handling efficiency/availability).

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Warehouse use case – smartCodes for Clothing and apparel

What does this mean for you as the Laundry Services Provider ?

Enables service providers to quickly work out what went wrong with an item or service and where to improve it.

Brings you closer to your customer and provides capability to communicate directly about the service experience they received to obtain feedback to improve offering...

Building Apparel brands

Brands need to innovate their digital marketing. As budgets shift to alternative channels that could generate better return on investment than paid social media ads, such retail media networks, while building stronger brand communities. These feed into distribution channels, as brands will need to seek higher margins and gather more first-party customer data. This can be done utilizing the capabilities within each unique smartTag.

How to get started?

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Boston Scientific

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