Use Case Scenario:

Each AED at Vinnies Goulburn/Canberra stores are affixed with a Pentalym SmartCode during installation, linking it to their central AED Map.

Sarah, a local resident in the region, witnesses a sudden cardiac arrest in her neighborhood. She just needs to go to the Vinnies AED map to find out where the nearest AED is located on the map link. The map link provides real-time data and displays the location of the scanned AED on the interactive map. The map may include additional information such as AED status, battery level, and last maintenance date.

Regular database updates guarantee that AEDs are well-maintained and ready for use, enhancing the overall reliability of the system. Connecting SmartCodes to AEDs for visibility on a map transforms these life-saving devices into easily accessible tools that empower communities to respond effectively to cardiac emergencies.

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