Astronomy & Space

With origins deeply rooted in astronomy, Pentalym is built for projects out of this world.

Next generation space projects share a common goal where collaboration occurs at a global level. Which requires institutions and individuals to be connected to real time information with secure & reliable data. With Pentalym our suite of apps is built for optimum supply chain visibility, providing users with the exact status or location of an asset at the palm of your hand.

To build extremely large telescopes, the planning and construction phases rely on international consortiums working for years before the final components can be delivered and commissioned on site. These groups leading universities and research institutions all require a centralized tool to manage the lifecycle of the project. With Pentalym we’ve created a secure and scalable platform to manage projects of this size.


  • Various organizations / various countries
  • Managing new designs and existing products in the field
  • To create Globally unique ID’s stored in 1 place
  • Environmental considerations optical vs RFID


  • A universal platform for all organizations & countries
  • Cater for both existing and new designs
  • Supply globally unique ID’s managed in 1 place
  • Site / Environmental considerations, hybrid tag leveraging both optical & RFID

Astronomy & Space