Transform any hospital anywhere on the planet to a more efficient way of working using digital charge sheets – overnight.

Pentalym has been designed to meet the scale of the robust global healthcare system. To date, more than 1.5 million medical devices are supported, and by using the Charge app, medical devices including associated surgical products can be barcode-scanned.

Devices arrive at a hospital with custom ID tags attached, which are read and recorded by handheld scanners or fixed tagging hardware, such as reader tunnels and smart shelves. As a result, each time a tag is detected, its location and history is updated and the new data becomes available on the Track app for both hospitals and device manufacturers (who no longer have to spend days in your storerooms doing manual cycle counts).

Your digital transformation doesn’t end here, as you also have the ability to customise preference cards – for specific cases, theatres or even surgeons. When a device is used in that procedure, the theatre nurse simply scans its barcode with the Charge app and it is added to the digital charge sheet and POs generated automatically.

Knowing the true cost of surgery has never been easier!


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