Healthcare Overview

Pentalym's real-time digital inventory management solution offers a range of features that can greatly benefit healthcare providers. By utilising this system, they can enhance efficiency, gain better visibility into the total cost of surgeries, and easily locate inventory using a mobile device.

Pentalym is tailored to meet the demands of the global healthcare system, supporting over 1.5 million medical devices through barcode scanning using Pentalym’s solutions. Utilising smarTtags devices or assets are swiftly read and recorded by handheld scanners or fixed infrastructure like reader tunnels and smart shelves. This ensures real-time updates on location and history, benefiting both hospitals, healthcare providers and device manufacturers by eliminating the need for manual cycle counts and improving inventory management. Pentalym’s innovative features empower healthcare facilities to optimise their operations and ultimately deliver improved patient care.

Overall, Pentalym’s real-time digital inventory management solution offers healthcare providers comprehensive tools to streamline operations, reduce manual work, improve inventory visibility, and enhance overall efficiency in managing medical devices and associated products.

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