Affix tags to your products at the warehouses. Utilise either the Pentalym Connect App or Pentalym Mobile App to establish connections between your tags and products. RFID products tagged at the factory can be promptly scanned upon arrival at the warehouse, ensuring efficient and instant tracking.

Manufacturers encounter a range of prevalent challenges in the contemporary work environment, including labor shortages, subpar inventory and supply chain management, and difficulties in demand forecasting and operational efficiency. Addressing these issues is a priority for manufacturing businesses.

By integrating Pentalym software with your product barcodes, you can establish a digital replica (audit record) for each individual product item. Real-time metrics and timestamped data offer valuable insights across all products, enhancing visibility throughout the manufacturing process. This data-driven approach improves accuracy, minimises waste, and reduces costs. Automation of inefficient processes, such as stocktaking, reduces labor requirements, including paperwork and headcount.

Pentalym’s warehouse value added solution, provides scalability and flexibility to ensure the smooth functioning of your supply chain and adaptability to fluctuations in demand. This solution streamlines order processing, enhances inventory efficiency, and accelerates your responsiveness to changing customer demands.

Our commitment lies in creating and operating standardised RFID warehouse solutions tailored to your specific needs, offering high service levels and reliability that translate into tangible bottom-line benefits.

Pentalym Warehouse

Pentalym Warehouse