Manufacturers / 3PL

Process automation by attaching custom tags at your warehouse or factory enabling time stamping from warehouse/factory dispatch to your customer docks.

Manufacturers face a number of common challenges in today’s working environment.  Labour shortage, poor inventory and supply chain management, lack of demand forecasting and operational inefficiencies are some of the common themes manufacturing businesses would like to address.

Utilising Pentalym software in conjunction with your product barcode enables you to create a digital replica (audit record) for individual product items. Real time metrics and time stamping of data allows your business to gain valuable insights across all products. This data provides you with visibility around the whole manufacturing process improving accuracy, minimising waste and reducing costs. Inefficient processes (stocktake) can now be automated reducing your labour requirements i.e paperwork, headcount etc  

Pentalym enables you to audit your own internal process with real time breadcrumbing and geolocation time stamping across the entire supply chain.With geolocation and rich product data from the point of consumption, demand forecasting and supply chain optimization activities can be automated.

Pentalym’s solution is inexpensive, scalable and backed by secure cloud based software available anytime anywhere.



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