RFID Smart Cabinet

RFID Smart Cabinet

RFID Smart Cabinet

Pentalym RFID Smart Cabinet plays a pivotal role in managing crucial information about medical implants and high-value inventory in operating rooms and other medical procedural settings. This technology precisely tracks individual items stored within the cabinet, capturing details such as batch numbers and expiration dates.

Automatically logging entries when items are added, removed, or returned, the smart cabinet employs facial or fingerprint recognition, or an NFC card, to document staff members accessing its contents—eliminating the need for direct interaction with a computer screen.

In the realm of cloud-based data management services, providers recognise the significance of integrating smart cabinets into their product offerings. Acknowledging the high value of the inventory stored and the prevailing shift towards pay-per-use or consignment payment models, these providers sought a solution allowing medical supply companies to remotely manage their inventory in real-time at the point of use in hospitals.

RFID Smart Cabinets Technology:

The latest advancements in smart cabinets feature a new generation of ultra-high frequency (UHF) RFID tags. These tags, capable of longer transmissions and coverage by multiple antennas, ensure that every stocked item can be read, regardless of its size or placement within the cabinet. Mastery of this technology demands a deep understanding of RFID capabilities and applications, and only a select few companies can provide the requisite level of accuracy demanded in the medical sector.

The initial smart cabinets relied on 13.56 MHz HF (high frequency) RFID technology, necessitating the installation of antennas on or within shelves. This limited reading range to approximately 10 cm from the tag and required precise placement of RFID tags on each item. The second generation, based on ultra-high frequency (UHF) ranging from 868 to 952 MHz, allows reading RFID tags irrespective of their placement on items or the items’ location within the cabinet.

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