Pentaylm provides cutting-edge healthcare solutions designed to streamline processes, save time, save money and improve patient care in hospitals and healthcare settings. With its wide range of features, Pentaylm offers numerous benefits to healthcare providers. Let's explore some of its key advantages:

Pentalym Advancing Healthcare Excellence:

Efficient Workflows: Surgical Operations Preference Card solution

In the dynamic realm of healthcare, where time is of the essence, efficient workflows are paramount. At Pentalym, we offer a cutting-edge platform for preference card management at the item level, tailored to procedure type and individual surgeon preferences. As supply utilization trends evolve, Pentalym dynamically identifies opportunities for preference card adjustments, enabling a sustainable and manageable approach to preference card maintenance.

Improved Patient Care: A Patient-Centric Approach

At the core of healthcare, lies patient well-being. Our case scheduling application accurately manages case procedures and associated patient setup cards used by surgical teams. 

Maintaining pick lists: A Strategic Approach to Inventory Management

Beyond streamlined workflows, maintaining optimal par levels is crucial aspect of efficient healthcare management. Version and release control over patient setup cards can allow for global substitution of obsolote or costly devices.

Cost Savings: Optimise resource allocation and inventory levels to reduce costs.