Connect provides organisations with real time geographic pairing information for each product. Start with one of our supported tags to connect your product to the cloud. Connected items are then synced in real time to allow for visibility with our Track app.

Initial connecting can be done either in the warehouse or out in the field – and all your updates are received in one convenient place. Notify team members and share the details of connected devices to easily keep track of what’s visible within your organisation.

To use the Connect app, simply scan your product barcode together with a pre-printed Pentalym tag. Each tag is coded with a globally unique ID to accurately identify each individual product – once paired, it’s ready to track!

Connect app benefits:

  • Sales representatives can simply connect products in the field enabling them for ID tracking.
  • This greatly reduces the time required for cycle counting, creating more time for meeting KPIs.
  • Warehouses can automate the application of tags for all product ranges – allowing real time inventory traceability and faster counting of large stock volumes.


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