Save money, reduce lost stock

Store departments are faced with significant financial losses due to lost and expired stock, amounting to thousands of dollars each month.

Pentalym provides a solution to address this issue by leveraging RFID technology. By utilising RFID, Pentalym ensures that stock levels are accurately validated in real-time, enabling effective replenishment as items are removed from the shelves. This capability empowers business’ to optimise their inventory management processes, minimising the financial impact of lost or expired stock and saving valuable resources.

Pentalym’s system goes beyond stock validation. It enables the ordering team to recall end-of-life and expiring stock faster, facilitating prompt actions to prevent the use of outdated or ineffective items. Moreover, the ability to update ownership status without relying on physical stickers streamlines administrative processes. By effectively tracking stock usage, the stores department to gain insights that allow them to make informed business decisions, particularly when reordering inventory. This data-driven approach helps the stores department avoid unnecessary expenses and can result in substantial cost savings, amounting to thousands of dollars.

With Pentalym, any business unit can take control of their stock management, reduce financial losses associated with lost and expired stock, and make informed decisions that optimise their business operations.



Save money and reduce lost Defence Force stock

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