Hospitals and Healthcare providers can take advantage of the many features available in the Pentaylm Charge application.
Digitise existing Patient Charge Sheets and gain a better understanding of the total cost of surgery.

Creating a new Digital Patient Charge sheet is simple.

  1. Scan the Patient Admission Number at the beginning of the procedure.
  2. Next simply scan the optical 1D or 2D barcode located on the medical device and consumables as they are used in the procedure.
  3. Finally, End Case.

To gain insights into Theatre Utilisation and Total Cost of a Procedure, with the ability to cross reference by any number of theatre and product metrics including Case Type and Physician.

  • The Charge App also supports Physician Preference Cards to ensure all products and consumables are prepared in advance. You can even add these preference card devices to the Charge Sheet automatically to reduce scanning during a procedure.
  • The Charge application will extract the available manufacturing data including GTIN, Batch/Lot, Serial numbers and Expiration Dates.
  • Our database of products contains over 1 million device records so each time you scan a product, instantly see rich product information including manufacturer part number and description, packaging level detail and unit measures.
  • The Charge App fully integrates with your existing EMR and ERP system
  • Use the Charge App together with our Pentalym suite of apps to gain further insight into your inventory stock levels and real time locationing.

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