Track consumables save thousands & over procuring

In departments, where substantial amounts of money are involved in daily stock transactions, having a clear understanding of stock usage and waste is crucial.

Pentalym provides a solution by offering smart tags that can be easily attached to various items such as stock, uniforms, and equipment at a low cost. These smart tags enable the department to achieve transparency and visibility over their current stock, ensuring efficient management and reducing unnecessary expenditures.

By implementing Pentalym’s smart tags, the department gain real-time visibility into the location and usage of their stock, creating a transparent and easily accessible record. This level of visibility allows for better inventory management, preventing over-procuring and minimising wastage. With accurate information on stock levels and usage, the team can make informed decisions regarding procurement, ensuring they have the right amount of stock needed without excess or shortage.

Pentalym’s smart tags provide hospitals with the means to optimise stock management processes, reduce waste, and make more informed and cost-effective decisions. By having a clear picture of stock availability and usage, the medical department can effectively allocate resources, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately enhance financial outcomes.



Track consumables save thousands & over procuring with Pentalym