Mobile RFID handhelds

Optimising inventory tracking with RFID handheld scanners involves affixing RFID tags to each product for efficient scanning. Using these scanners, hundreds of items can be scanned in seconds from a distance of up to 5 meters. RFID handheld scanners can be used in a variety of industries from healthcare, retail, defence, aviation, first responders, agriculture, animal identification, logistics, manufacturing, commercial laundry, medical equipment, and waste management.

In contrast to traditional barcode scanners, which demand line of sight and offer a limited range, RFID scanning operates without such constraints. It boasts a significantly greater scanning range and the capability to scan multiple items rapidly. Additionally, Pentalym’s app along with an RFID hand scanner provides a locate feature, allowing swift identification of a specific product from a list.

Unlike barcode scanners, RFID scanning does not require a clear and visible barcode throughout the product’s lifespan, enhancing flexibility. With RFID, line-of-sight limitations are eliminated, enabling the simultaneous scanning of multiple items.

To harness the potential of RFID scanners effectively, RFID software is essential. This software facilitates control over the scanner, reading tags, and managing and analysing the collected data. It empowers users to monitor inventory, generate reports, review tag history, and optimise inventory processes.

The Pentalym platform is operating on a cloud-based platform and supports seamless integration with various software solutions. For more information on integrating it with your existing inventory management system, reach out to our dedicated team.

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