Improved theatre patient visibility RFID tags

Hospitals operate in a fast-paced environment where tracking patients and their testing progress can be challenging.

Pentalym addresses this issue by providing RFID patient tags that significantly improve theatre patient visibility. These tags enable clear tracking of patients throughout the hospital, offering valuable insights into their location and movements. With Pentalym’s system, healthcare professionals can easily monitor which areas of the hospital the patient has visited, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the tests and procedures they have undergone. This information facilitates better care coordination and helps identify any additional tests or interventions that may be required.

Pentalym’s RFID patient tags go beyond tracking location; they can also store critical patient information, such as allergies and intolerances, directly on the unique identifier tag. This allows medical staff to quickly access and review essential patient data, enhancing patient safety and ensuring appropriate care. The system’s capabilities can be extended to track patient beds and medications, providing comprehensive real-time data for efficient hospital operations. By leveraging Pentalym’s solution, hospitals can improve patient visibility, streamline workflows, and make informed decisions, ultimately enhancing the overall quality of care they provide.