Recording the Movement of Specimens & Samples

Recording the movement of specimens or samples between different locations has been a significant challenge in the medical industry, as reported by professionals.

Pentalym offers a solution to this problem through the use of unique identification tags specifically designed for this purpose. These tags are equipped to capture vital information such as patient details, sample type, and collection time.

With Pentalym’s solution, the process of tracking specimen transfers becomes streamlined and efficient. When a sample leaves its original location, the identification tag can be easily scanned, documenting the necessary data and creating a record of its departure. Upon arrival at the destination, the sample can be scanned again and signed in, ensuring a seamless and transparent transfer process.

By adopting Pentalym’s unique identification tags, the medical industry can overcome the hurdles associated with accurately recording the movement of specimens. This innovative solution enhances data accuracy, improves workflow efficiency, and establishes a clear audit trail for each sample, facilitating better tracking and management of crucial medical information.



Recording the Movement of Specimens & Samples