Using the Track app, every item can now be accurately tracked in real time from inventory to implementation. Both the end user and manufacturers can see the location, history, ownership, expiry and other data of every device from anywhere in the world.

The process starts with ordering ready-to-go tag rolls. These tags are attached to devices at the manufacturer factory, warehouse, in the field easily paired to the devices’ using the Connect app.

Pentalym’s software has already proven successful in the healthcare sector – saving time and saving lives. It makes supply teams more efficient and provides detailed data in real time, especially when utilising fixed tagging hardware.

Track app benefits:

  • Track streamlines the supply chain process. With our API enabled platform, you can connect real time device status and location data into your backend – saving you money, reducing manual tasks and cutting out much of the administrative work associated with siloed systems.
  • Once your product is connected to the Pentalym platform via the Connect app, using Track enables you to follow its digital footprint anywhere on the globe. What’s more, each time your product is tracked, you can see when and where it happened, using what device.
  • The average supply team member (and average device rep) spends up to 20% of their time on stock management. With the Track app, you can digitally manage cycle counts more accurately, check on expiry dates and monitor stock levels or local availability (e.g. a requested prosthesis at a partner hospital) – all without setting foot in a storeroom.


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