Counting Inventory

Outdated stocktake methods involve manual inventory recording and time-consuming data entry.

This process requires staff or external parties to spend significant time on these tasks. However, Pentalym’s solution transforms stocktaking by dramatically reducing the time required. With Pentalym smart tags and handheld scanners, inventory counting that traditionally takes 5 minutes for 230 items can now be accomplished in under 5 seconds. This 6000% increase in efficiency saves valuable time and money.

Pentalym enables real-time recording of inventory, providing instantaneous reports and eliminating delays. By utilising RFID technology, stock levels can be accurately validated, facilitating effective replenishment as items are removed from shelves. Moreover, Pentalym’s system allows for swift recall of end-of-life and expiring stock, as well as updating ownership status. This streamlined approach enhances inventory management, improves accuracy, and empowers hospitals to make informed decisions regarding stock levels and replenishment, ultimately optimising operational efficiency.



Defence Force Counting Inventory with Pentalym