Utilise the power of RFID-based automatic equipment identification (AEI) with Pentalym.

Our solutions integrate with existing RFID based systems currently used in the transport industry, providing seamless integration for rail and other intermodal applications. Pentalym can read existing TransCore tags as per existing standards ISO 10374 container identification standard and ( AS 7503 ) for Australian rail applications. Our multiprotocol rail readers are designed to support the latest AEI technology. RFID passive tags mounted on each side of rolling stock and active trackside readers, AEI uses RF technology to identify railroad equipment.

Pentalym RFID readers

With more than 10 million RFID tags fitted throughout the rail and intermodal industry, the Pentalym system provides a way to read transportation tags mounted on railcars or locomotives. With readers installed at key locations such as railroad interchange points, maintenance facilities, yards and track lanes. Pentalym provides single and multi protocol fixed readers with a variety of antennas to read existing RFID tags.


Information which can be read from AEI RFID tags

  • Equipment type (car, locomotive, etc)
  • Reporting Mark (owner’s initials)
  • Side (left or right)
  • Length
  • Number of axles
  • Bearing type
  • Additional equipment specific parameters

Key Benefits:

  • Counting of rolling stock: RFID tags can be scanned in real-time for tracking of rolling stock, maintenance equipment and other assets. 
  • Automated Maintenance Processes: RFID technology facilitates automated maintenance tracking, ensuring timely inspections and repairs. This proactive approach minimises downtime and extends the lifespan of critical components.
  • Inventory Management: Streamline inventory management by using RFID to monitor the flow of rolling stock throughout the supply chain. This results in reduced costs and improved operational efficiency.

At Pentalym, we understand the unique challenges faced by the rail and train industry. Our team of experts are dedicated to tailoring RFID solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring a seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

Pentalym Rail management software


Streamline your processes with a comprehensive freight management platform for real-time visibility for reliable tracking of rail wagons allowing for better efficiencies, and lower costs. Visualise historical freight data, analyse performance across customer accounts to identify supply chain bottlenecks. The solution allows you to audit freight details from the asset level and pay correctly billed shipments through the Pentalym Rail module.

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