Pentalym Charge

Elevate your digital stock management with Pentalym, a solution that takes device charging and tracking to new heights. Bid farewell to manual note entries, scrappy paper attached to clip boards covered in coffee stains, billing delays, and the risk of human error. Experience a more streamlined and intelligent approach to every step of your workflow.

Pentalym Charge has already proven its effectiveness in hospitals. Each device used in your theatre is effortlessly logged by your nurse, who simply scans the product barcode into the application. Instantaneously, the product details, manufacturer ownership, unit, and total cost are seamlessly uploaded to your Electronic Medical Record (EMR). At the conclusion of the procedure, a single click of ‘End Case’ by the theatre nurse provides your EMR with a comprehensive list of all scanned prostheses.

Whether it’s a regular barcode or not, Pentalym Charge is ‘system agnostic,’ automatically generating a detailed digital charge sheet for all items used.

Key benefits of the Charge app include:

  • Intelligent scanning that identifies product information from a database of over 1.5 million devices and consumables, saving time and eliminating human error for hospital administrators.
  • Hands-free, intelligent scanning capturing 100% of devices and consumables used, along with theatre location, duration, and surgeon information. Electronic charge sheets and purchase orders are generated automatically.
  • Pre-populated preference cards, customisable for case type or surgeon, enhancing efficiency and providing an immediate view of the true cost of surgery.
  • Pentalym Charge also extends its functionality to non-billable items like swabs, syringes, and sutures, allowing hospitals to analyse data for new efficiencies in consumables and gain visibility into usage by theatre or surgeon.

Experience the future of device charging and tracking with Pentalym’s Charge – where efficiency meets innovation.

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