Drone Fleet Maintenance Management utilising bluetooth


The Pentalym platform serves as the single source of truth for enterprise drone fleets, offering additional features designed for program managers such as user management, reporting, enhanced SOC2/ISO27001 security, integrations, and APIs.

Key features:

  • Dashboards consolidate all data for real-time reporting and analytics.
  • User-driven workflows automatically introduce required forms and checklists.
  • The dedicated Pentalym mobile app features automatically populated accounts and locations, displaying all assets and inventory.
  • Automatic updating of craft, equipment, batteries, chargers, cameras, and spares.

Efficiently manage and maintain a fleet of drones, ensuring optimal performance, timely repairs, and adequate availability of spare parts.


  • A fleet of drones is deployed and operational.
  • Inventory of spare parts, batteries, rotor blades, camera modules, and chargers is available.
  • Maintenance schedules are established.

Drone Operation:

Drone operators utilise drones for various tasks, such as aerial surveillance, photography, or delivery.

Battery Monitoring and Replacement:

Temperature levels can be monitored during storage or charging. When batteries are replaced, individual statuses can be digitally recorded via the Pentalym smartcode (reporting faulty, defective, flat, or full batteries). The charging dock can be fitted with a Bluetooth tag for easy location within a designated area or storeroom. Bluetooth devices will sense the temperature of the area where batteries are stored and send an alert if the climate is at a critical temperature.

Rotor Blade and Spare Part Inspection:

After each flight or at regular intervals, drone operators inspect rotor blades and other components for damage, kit bags can have tags located within them for bag level visibility. If any damage is detected, they report it to maintenance technicians.

Maintenance Request:

If repairs or maintenance are needed, the drone operator submits a maintenance request through the Drone Fleet Management System. The request includes details of the issue and any relevant observations. 

Maintenance Review:

Maintenance technicians receive the request and review the details. They check the Pentalym inventory reports to ensure the availability of required spare parts. 

Repair and Replacement:

Maintenance technicians perform necessary repairs or part replacements. If spare parts are not available, they place an order for them.

Inventory Management:

Administrators monitor spare parts, batteries, rotor blades, camera modules, and chargers with real-time visibility on the Pentalym platform. Low stock levels trigger reordering to maintain adequate inventory levels.

Charging Management:

Drone operators place used batteries in charging stations, scan Pentalym QR to update any details for parts. Charging stations automatically detect and charge batteries as needed. Administrators monitor charging status to ensure all batteries are ready for use.


Drones are maintained in optimal condition, ensuring reliable performance. Inventory levels are managed effectively, ensuring the availability of spare parts and other essentials. Maintenance activities are logged for future reference and analysis.

Offline Capabilities:

The Pentalym App supports offline operations, enabling on-site tasks with synchronisation upon connectivity. Tags can be scanned via the mobile device camera to update operation status or item location. 



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